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Reformation 2017:       Here We Stand!

October 31, 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, launching what became the Lutheran Reformation.

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod's Michigan District  will hold a state-wide Reformation Worship Service on Sunday, October 15 at Michigan State University’s Breslin Center in East Lansing.  Doors will open at 2 pm, with a preservice concert at 4 pm and the service at 5 pm.  Dr. Patrick Ferry of Concordia University-Wisconsin will be the preacher; the concert and service will feature a 900-voice adult choir and 175-voice youth choir.

Messiah will hold one service on October 15 at 10 am, to encourage as many as possible to also attend the afternoon service in East Lansing.  All seats of the Breslin Center are now filled, but you can get on the waiting list here.  (Choir members already have seats reserved, and do not need to register.)  Once you’ve registered, let us know you’re coming, and if you’re interested in group transportation to the service, by contacting the church office.

If you have questions, or would like more information, contact us.  The Michigan District also has more information at their “Here We Stand” website!

There's much more about this unique anniversary at!