Messiah Lutheran Church
              Sunday Worship - 8:30 & 11:00 am    (One Sunday service at 10am, ends August 31st)

    Bible Class - 9:45 am           Sunday School  - 9:45 am   (Bible class 8:45 am, no Sunday School, ends August 31st)

Lutheran  Church (LCMS)

2727 Five Mile Rd. NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Prayer of the Season:

O God, whose glory it is always to have mercy, be gracious to all who have gone astray from your ways, and bring them again with penitent hearts and steadfast faith to embrace and hold fast the unchangeable truth of your Word.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.




Welcome to the home page of Messiah Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

 Thanks for joining us. Please take a few moments to browse our website.


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Summer Worship Schedule

(ends August 31st)


Sunday Worship - 10 am

Sunday Bible Class - 8:45 am

No Sunday School

Monday Worship - 7 pm


Normal Schedule Resumes

September 7th




Saturday, August 23

1 - 4 pm


Rescue Equipment demonstrations, Bus & Bicycle safety tips,

Health Screenings and Nutrition advice, CPR/AED Training,

Blood Donating, and MORE.




Our Mission is:

To know Christ and to make Christ known.

Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised to life to save us from eternal judgment. We believe our God-given mission is to share the life-giving message of salvation through Jesus with the people of

our community, state, nation, and world through a Word and Sacrament ministry of worship, education, fellowship, evangelism, and service.

Our Church

Through a ministry of worship, education, fellowship, outreach, and service, we serve nearly 400 members and our community. We link with other Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod churches to bring the

life-giving news of salvation through Jesus to people around the world.   We've supported efforts in Latvia, and El Salvador. Starting in 2006 we've been supporting  Pastor Jon Muhly in Russia. We are a

sponsoring congregation for LAMP-Canada. We have been active in short-term missions and are a supporting congregation of MOST Ministries. Messiah is also part of the Camp Concordia Association.

We offer a fine program of early Christian childhood education through our Preschool.

Messiah Lutheran Church is a member of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod.

Lutheranism:  Where Luther stood, we still stand.

Last Modified:  August 22, 2014

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